From The Desk of The Pastor

bish and lady simms

Greetings my friend,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting with us and taking the time to worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth. I never take it for granted when people choose our church to visit, as there are well over 2,000 churches in the City of Detroit, but you chose us.

This is a ministry that is focused on the family, believing that the family is the highest order of all of Gods creations. As a matter of fact, humans are the only thing that is created in “His” image and after “His” likeness. In 2013, I will be focusing on three of the most important entities that we must all deal with; faith, family, and finances!

We  are also a ministry that believes that you must be born again, of the water (baptism) and of the Spirit (Holy Ghost), otherwise you cannot enter into the Kingdom of God.

We believe in all of the spiritual gifts that God has authorized in his Word to bring edification to the Body of Christ (The Church).

Based upon what you saw and heard during your time of fellowship with us, I trust  you will be compelled to join in with us again, as we lift up the name of Jesus in song, in praise, and in worship.

After all this is a Great Place To Begin and A Great Place To Belong!

Be Blessed,

Bishop Jimmy S. Simms